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5 ways to learn English without leaving home

Do you want to make good use of unexpected surplus time and energy and end up with new language skills?

Read an e-book or listen to an audiobook

If you prefer electronic or audio versions of books to traditional ones, be sure to visit my favourite sites, where you'll find plenty of freebies:

Read English-language magazines

If you don't have much time to read and simply prefer shorter texts, start reading the newspapers or magazines in English. I can recommend you:

How about a good series?

If you're at an intermediate level - turn on the English subtitles while watching, and if you have an advanced level - skip them entirely.

You can combine business with pleasure and learn something new by taking an online course, for example on the popular Skill Share platform. The choice of courses is really huge, and many of them are completely free!

How about online classes with a teacher?

You save time on the commute and the biggest advantage of such classes is, of course, the immediate feedback - a good teacher will catch mistakes and help to determine the direction of learning during the course.

Let me know which point from the list you intend to put into practice! I wish you good luck and consistency in your learning!

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