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English Online

One-to-one English lessons via Zoom

Currently, all lessons are given as individual lessons and only online.

The lessons take place in real time with me personally via the online platform "Zoom" .


This platform allows me to design your lessons in a very personal and creative way for you.


For example, I can share my screen, chat with you, play multimedia files and solve tasks together with you in writing and - most importantly - in excellent visual quality.

general  English

Tutoring for adults and tutoring for students

General English courses are designed for those who wish to develop their communication skills in general language.

instruction  is carried out at all levels . Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each student.

During the lessons you can develop all language skills or focus on developing selected skills such as communication or grammar.


Especially recommended for people who:


  • start learning English from scratch (regardless of age, it's never too late to learn).

  • have taken a long break from learning the English language.

  • want to overcome their communication barriers in everyday life.

  • want to expand their vocabulary.

  • want to develop the ability to understand spoken text and to speak freely themselves.


Englisch lernen in kleinen Gruppen

Sie möchten Ihre Englischkenntnisse verbessern, aber nicht alleine lernen? Dann sind Sie bei mir richtig!

  • Lernen Sie mit maximal 6 Teilnehmern auf Ihrem Niveau (A2, B1, B2)

  • Der Kurs umfasst 12 Lektionen à 90 Minuten, die einmal pro Woche stattfinden.

  • Der Gruppenunterricht findet in modernen und zentral gelegenen Räumlichkeiten statt.

Business English 

English for specific business purposes

In the age of progressive globalization, knowledge of English is the basis for professional and international success.

Business English classes also aim, for example, at learning and expanding knowledge of lexical and grammatical structures, learning business vocabulary and using idiomatic expressions. During the lesson, the teacher initiates and moderates discussions in English in accordance with the participant's goals, thanks to which the listener will acquire and practice the skills of conducting business conversations, telephone calls and negotiations, making presentations or conducting business meetings.


English for Specific Purposes courses take into account the areas of a specific industry and are therefore aimed at people who wish to acquire and improve their English communication skills in a more specific professional environment.


Classes are conducted on the basis of modern teaching methods using a compilation of different materials (e.g. traditional, authentic and audiovisual materials).

I offer Business English courses at your location or simply Business English online with me.


Language courses for companies

I help yours
employees to communicate internationally

You want to help your employees to improve their confidence in the English language? Do you want your team to be able to represent your company confidently, fluently and securely over the phone or in direct conversations?

With the help of the language school Kraft, your employees expand their skills in the most important foreign language, use them confidently in customer discussions and can thus convey the ideas of your company even better.

It is particularly important to me to strengthen the self-confidence of your employees in dealing with English in the long term.

I am happy to help you brush up on your English or learn it anew. In the future, you and your employees should feel confident in an English-speaking environment and be able to communicate easily.

Learning in familiar surroundings

I orientate myself on your company profile and your special needs in order to enable you and your employees optimal oral and written communication through our English course.


Of course, I can also work with you specifically on grammar problems or improved pronunciation.

My individual and group lessons directly at your company enable your employees to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the English language.

All English courses are tailored to the needs of your company or agency.

The individual course material enables me to specifically address the level of knowledge of the respective employee. This enables me to achieve the quality of my lessons that my customers value so much.

I will make you an individual offer

If you are interested in an English course in your company, please send me an email or just give me a call.

Of course you can also contact me via my contact form.

I will make you an individual offer, optimally tailored to your needs.

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